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Jason kanter


Jason Kanter is a stand-up comic, writer, and smiling conveyor of dark wit and (sometimes) unpopular opinions. He’s performed everywhere across the country, from comedy clubs of hundreds to theaters of thousands and bars of a half-dozen. His media appearances include TV’s uncensored Gotham Comedy Live; shows on Netflix, HBO, Showtime, CBS and NBC; SiriusXM Radio; The Artie Lange Show; The Anthony Cumia Show; popular podcasts like "You Know What Dude" and "Tuesdays with Stories" and a painfully long commercial for DVRs that you can find if you Google hard enough.





July 12-15 (Thurs-Sun) Various Times - Laughing Skull in Atlanta, GA

July 19 (Thursday) 10pm - Standup NY in Manhattan, NYC

July 20 (Friday) 1030pm - Gentrify at UCB East in Manhattan, NYC

July 22 (Sunday) 8pm - PS109's Standup Show in Manhattan, NYC

July 29th (Sunday) 830pm - Fat Black Pussycat (Comedy Cellar sister bar) in Manhattan, NYC

August 8 (Wednesday) 7pm - Broadway Comedy Club in Manhattan, NYC

August 9 (Thursday) 10pm - Death Comedy Jam at The Creek and the Cave in Queens, NYC

August 10 (Friday) 4pm - Tell Me Everything with John Fugelsang on SiriusXM

August 13 (Monday) 9pm - Lobby Comedy at Freehold in Williamsburg, NYC

August 15 (Wednesday) 930pm - Comedians You Should Know at Timothy O'Toole's Pub in Chicago, IL

August 21 (Tuesday) 830pm - Ten Dollar Comedy at Second City in Chicago, IL

September 5th (Wednesday) 8pm - Weekly Humorist Presents: Guaranteed Delivery! at the Mailroom Bar in Manhattan, NYC

September 10 (Monday) 8pm - Permission to Fail at The Creek and the Cave in LIC, NYC

September 12 (Wednesday) 8pm - Standup at Social 59 in West New York, NJ

September 19-22 (Wednesday-Saturday) Various Times - Hilarities with Joe List in Cleveland, OH

September 23 (Sunday) 7pm - Headlining Hilarities in Cleveland, OH

September 24 (Monday) 9pm - Lobby Comedy at Freehold in Williamsburg, NYC

October 16-18 (Tuesday-Thursday) 8pm - Howie Mandel's Comedy Club at the Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City, NJ

October 20 (Saturday) - Del Lago Casino in Waterloo, NY

October 25 (Thursday) 9pm - John and Peter's Comedy Presents in New Hope, PA

October 29 (Monday) 9pm - Lobby Comedy at Freehold in Williamsburg, NYC

November 11 (Sunday) 8pm - Artspace PS109's Standup Show at 215 E 99th Street in Manhattan, NYC

January 18 & 19 (Friday and Saturday) Various Times - Comedy Zone in Harrisburg, PA


In addition to the dates below, Jason can be seen often at shows around NYC.



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