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Jason kanter


Jason Kanter is a stand-up comic, writer, and smiling conveyor of dark wit and (sometimes) unpopular opinions. He’s performed everywhere across the country, from comedy clubs of hundreds to theaters of thousands and bars of a half-dozen. His media appearances include TV’s uncensored Gotham Comedy Live; Bert the Conqueror on Travel Channel; shows on Netflix, HBO, Showtime, CBS and NBC; SiriusXM Radio; The Artie Lange Show; The Anthony Cumia Show; popular podcasts like "You Know What Dude" and "Tuesdays with Stories" and a painfully long commercial for DVRs that you can find if you Google hard enough.





November 11 (Sunday) 8pm - Artspace PS109's Standup Show at 215 E 99th Street in Manhattan, NYC

January 11 (Friday) 1030pm - Gentrify at UCB East in Manhattan, NYC

January 15 (Tuesday) 9pm - RAR BAR LIC's 10th Anniversary Show

January 18 & 19 (Friday and Saturday) Various Times - Comedy Zone in Harrisburg, PA

January 24 (Thursday) 9pm - Red Nun in Dennis, MA

January 25 (Friday) 8pm - Comedy Studio in Boston, MA

January 27 (Sunday) 1030pm - Comedy Cellar's Fat Black Pussy Cat in Manhattan, NYC

February 3 (Sunday) 1030pm - Comedy Cellar's Fat Black Pussy Cat in Manhattan, NYC

February 10 (Sunday) 7pm - PS109's Standup Show in Manhattan, NYC

February 14 (Thursday) 10pm - Standup NY in Manhattan, NYC

February 20 (Wednesday) 1pm - John Fugelsang's Tell Me Everything on SiriusXM

March 1 (Friday) 7pm - National Comedy Center Presents at New York Comedy Club in Manhattan, NYC

March 6 (Wednesday) 8pm - Hoboken Show in Hoboken, NJ

March 7 (Thursday) 8pm - Stand Up Live with Ari Shaffir in Phoenix, AZ

March 14 (Thursday) 9pm - John and Peter's Comedy Presents in New Hope, PA

April 4 (Thursday) - Comedy Night at Sarge's Tap in Danville, IN

April 5 (Friday) 930pm - Laughs with Taft's at Pecan Penny's in Columbus, OH

April 6 (Saturday) 8pm - Laughs at Taft's in Cincinnati, OH

April 11-13 (Thursday-Saturday) Various Times - WooHaha with Joe List in Worcester, MA

April 18 (Thursday) 10pm - Gotham All Stars Live TV Taping at Gotham Comedy Club in Manhattan, NYC

April 19 (Friday) 8pm - Holbrook Firefighter's Benefit Show in South Boston, MA

April 22 (Monday) - Croxley's in Farmingdale, NY

May 7 (Tuesday) 8pm - Weekly Humorist Presents: Guaranteed Delivery in Manhattan, NYC

May 9-11 (Thursday-Saturday) Various Times - The Caravan in Louisville, KY

May 13 (Monday) 715pm - New York Comedy Club in Grammercy, NYC

May 19 (Sunday) 7pm - American Me Comedy at Levity Live in Nyack, NY

May 21 (Tuesday) 7pm - Comedy Cellar's Fat Black Pussy Cat in Manhattan, NYC

June 5 (Wednesday) 4pm - The Bennington Show on SiriusXM Channel 103

June 6 (Thursday) 830pm - PS109's Standup Show featuring Mike Vecchione, Joe List, Nick Griffin, Adrienne Iapalucci and Chris Alan

June 12 (Wednesday) 1pm - John Fugelsang's Tell Me Everything on SiriusXM Channel 121

June 16 (Sunday) 7pm - The Cellar Door in Frederick, MD

June 26-29 (Wednesday-Saturday) Various Times - Hilarities with Dan Soder in Cleveland, OH

August 1-3 (Thursday-Saturday) Various Times - Side Splitters in Tampa, FL


In addition to the dates below, Jason can be seen often at shows around NYC.



Gotham Comedy Live



“Dancing” with Bert Kreischer at the Dayton Funny Bone


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