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Jason kanter


Jason Kanter is a stand-up comic, writer, and smiling purveyor of dark wit and (sometimes) unpopular opinions. He’s performed everywhere across the country, from comedy clubs of hundreds to theaters of thousands and bars of a half-dozen. His media appearances include TV’s uncensored Gotham Comedy Live, The Travel Channel, SiriusXM Radio, The Artie Lange Show, The Anthony Cumia Show, popular podcasts like "You Know What Dude" and "Tuesdays with Stories" and one painfully long commercial for DVRs that you can find if you Google hard enough.






In addition to the dates below, Jason can be seen often at shows around NYC.



July 10 (Monday) 8pm - Lobby Comedy at Freehold in Williamsburg, NYC

July 14 (Friday) 8:30pm - Dark Horse Comedy at the TriBeCa Comedy Lounge in NYC

July 21 (Monday) 10:15pm - Stand-up New York in NYC

July 24 (Monday) 8pm - Lobby Comedy at Freehold in Williamsburg, NYC

July 31 (Monday) 8pm - Snowdonia Comedy in Astoria, NYC

August 1 (Tuesday) 8pm - Detention Comedy at PS109 in Manhattan, NYC

Gotham Comedy Live



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